The Black CARE Network. A hub for connection and collaboration.

Making worlds of care.

We are building a digital library of resources that focus on the needs, practices, and priorities of Black communities.

Overhead shot of two young Black girls drawing on white paper at a table with crayons on the table between them.
Overhead shot of new Black mother wearing braids as she cradels and cares for her newborn child while sitting on a chair
Close up of Black father sitting on steps outside holding one of his sons while his two other sons look up and admire him. l
About Us

The Black CARE Network

The Black CARE Network is a hub for connection and collaboration, committed to projects that work for the safety and liberation of Black children and communities. 

We like to bring people together. For events. For initiatives. For special projects. For food. For conversation and jokes. For planning and thinking and wondering and asking and writing and trying and building other ways to take/give/practice care.

We advocate for the safety and freedom of Black children in the Canadian child and youth care sector through community focused projects.


Our Latest Project

The ABR Curriculum Review & Research project is our current project. The project looks into the ways in which anti-Black racism is taught, disrupted, and upheld in CYC pre-service education.


From the Resource Library

Our growing resource library is a collection of helpful resources that focuses on the needs and priorities of the Black community. Watch, read, listen and explore.