What systemic racism in Canada looks like

The police killing of George Floyd and the protests that followed have brought renewed attention to systemic racism. In Canada, some have been quick to deny its existence. But these experts say racism has been normalized within Canadian institutions.

(RE)Imaging Trauma Recovery

This talk questions how do social workers confront the trauma that Black youth are facing, and how do we open up the futures and possibilities that they deserve.

Understanding The Over-Representation of Black Children In Ontario Child Welfare Services

This research is about maltreatment-related investigations involving Black children and youth in Ontario child welfare services in 2018. These investigations are compared to investigations involving white children and youth across child, family, and household characteristics, and other specifics of these investigations. Maltreatment-related investigations include situations in which there are concerns that a child or young person may …

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The impact of anti-black racism on children and youth in Canada

Dr. Belfon is joined by Nigel Enniss, Anti-Black Racism Practice Integration Lead from Children’s Aid Society Toronto, to lead and engage in a candid conversation with webinar participants on how we can better support and promote the mental well-being of black youth in Canada.

Exploring Misogynoir

President and CEO of the Canadian Women’s Foundation, Paulette Senior, joins the Alright, Now What podcast to talk about the essential matters of misogynoir, as they recognize and mark Black History Month, as well as look forward to International Women’s Day. There is also the opportunity to read the transcript of this podcast through the …

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Project Implicit

This website includes an interactive tool for testing your own implicit biases for 15 different implicit biases.

Unconscious Bias Training

This website shares information about unconscious bias. It looks into the definition of unconscious bias and includes different sections where readers can also look at how to assess and address unconscious bias. There are also resources available on the website as well.